Friday, September 12, 2008

Thing 23. Final Thoughts

This has been quite a journey of exploration. I am very glad that everyone had an opportunity to participate and to expand their knowledge. It was very easy to find the site and to come back and explore them at a later date.

In my library we have incorporated a lot of what we learned from this project and will continue to explore these sites for new information.

Thing 22. What Did I Learn Today?

I have learned that that Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 are anything but static. We are in the information business and have to try and keep up with or in the very least know about what is out there on the web.

In my experience of 31 years in education school librarians were the first to embrace and see the potential of the internet and tried to get other school personnel interested to see there was a better way to do things. It was slow at first but finally others saw the potential and the schools were off and running. I have been at the public library level for close to five years and I am very glad were still are on the cutting edge of technology.

At my library we have a fliker account, a blog, and a very great website designed by our children's librarian. Our patrons come to these sites daily and share with friends and family. We appreciate the effort spent on the 23 Things on a Stick. Without this information and sites it would have been very hard indeed to find and learn all of this information.

I do try to put aside a few minutes of my day to learn new things and encourage the staff to do likewise. I already had a staff member finish the 23 Things and she is using some of the information.

Thank you for this website and this opportunity. I have handed out many 23 Things cards and have other exploring the web.

Thing 21. Beyond MySpace: Other Social Networks

Find more photos like this on 23 Things on a Stick

I have enjoyed the NING site. It has a lot of features that would enhance our blogsite or website. It is very easy to use and to add sites which is always appreciated by advanced or novices. I added the music player but do not know how to add my playlist. Please help. Thanks.

I have already used an throughly enjoyed WebJunction. A great site to read and to talk to other library professionals. The site has been updated for even easier use.

Thing 20. Libraries and Social Networks

My college daughter who is 29 has a presence on both websites and she is on them a lot. When asked why she said, "that is where all of her friends are and it is easy to use and add applications." So I poked around in her site awhile and was still wondering WHY!
I did enjoy the article on 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally and could see possibly why some would join and went to look at two other sites mentioned in the article. I could see our library or me being a presence on those sites before My Space or Facebook.
I think that these two sites might have an earned or unearned reputation and sometimes are not given a fair chance. On the other hand quite a few students have learned not to post everything they do and know as it can come back to bite you.
Fo me I cannot see how I would use this in a professional of personal setting. But it was good to be able to look at them so at least I have some idea what is out there.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thing 19. Podcasts

I don't think I will be using this very much and especially do not need a RSS feeder.
I did listen to some of the library ones like the public librarian and and school librarian and as a person who has also done both you look at issues differently. I share some of her problems and solutions. Wish this would have been around 5 years ago. Ah well time marches on.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thing 18. YouTube & Other Online Video

I have used and throughly enjoyed sharing YouTube with all I know. This is the greatest THING on the net to date for me. What a great way to share video of anything with anyone. Also a great teaching tool!

I chose the Librarian Song because it is funny and shows how something innocent can sound very very dirty. Enjoy!!!

I soooo want to start a bookcart drill team but I am having trouble finding similar bookcarts that can be used outside on the pavement. I have four people who want to do the drill team with me in our two local parades. So while I problem solve how I am going to do that, I downloaded a video of another library and their drill team.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thing 17. ELM Productivity Tools

I am very well versed and I use and reccommend to patrons how to use the databases in ELM. I worked in the public school for 31 yrs as a media person and I was thrilled when databases came online. We could finally spend our money on other things than reference books and magazines.

I taught classes to new teachers in the three school districts I worked. Some of the new faculty had used the databases in college and many did not even know they exisited and how to effectively use with their students. I also taught the students how to get good results with these databases.

I enjoyed looking at some of the databases I had not used in awhile. Great refresher course.